We accept students of all ages, from grade 1 – 12 and University.

Tutoring subjects

What Subjects Do We Tutor?


Grades 1-12 and University


Grades 1-12 and University. Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology

Learning Strategies

Grades 1-12 and University


Grades 1-12 and University

Social & Political Science

Grades 1-12 and University

Business Courses

Economics, Marketing, Accounting


Using a calendar or agenda. Learning how to take notes Learning how to study for tests Support for students with anxiety

Elementary School

Reading, Writing, Math


Math, Science, Social sciences, Writing, Essays, Political science, Psychology

Students with learning disabilities

Executive functioning support. Learning how your brain works. Providing extra practice. Breaking content to it’s most basic. Finding the way students learn best.

What Your Tutor Will Do For You

  • Meet with you at the pre-planned lesson times either virtually or in your home (if we have tutors in your area)
  • Help you to understand the material you are covering in your class at school
  • Fill gaps in your knowledge as we find them
  • Arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to complete your homework and tests with confidence
  • Answer any questions that you have related to homework and assignments
  • Teach you the material in a way you understand
  • Teach you how to learn the material
  • Teach you how to study properly
  • Help you to keep organized (if needed)
  • Assist you with taking and making notes
  • Be available for extra lessons if needed around test time
  • Do their best to increase your grades

What You Need to Do For Your Tutor

  • Have your textbook(s), assignments, and tests with you at each lesson
  • Circle questions that you are unable to do in your homework prior to your lessons
  • Attempt all of your homework every day
  • Call 24hrs in advance to cancel or move a lesson

If you have any questions about tutoring, or are looking to get started, please give us a call at 647-519-4771 or e-mail us at

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