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Why Should You Choose Online Tutoring?


With zero commuting time, we will be 100% flexible to your home schedule


Using a computer/laptop while video chatting a tutor can be more fun and feel less like “school”


Many students feel more confident behind their computer. This can encourage them to ask more questions


Many students can feel stressed about learning new subjects or ones that they have struggled with but being in the comfort of your own home can make for a more relaxing situation.

Socially Distant

We understand with the current situation in the world many people would much rather stay socially distant if possible! 

Our Online Tutoring Plan

Reingold Tutoring is excited to be offering online tutoring. Our plan is to help all students who want to be ready for school in September. This is an amazing chance for students to get caught up, get ahead, and pre-learn content that will build their skills and confidence.

Moving forward, we will be offering virtual tutoring to students across Canada at your convenience. This is now and forever.

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How Reingold Performs Online Tutoring

Reingold has developed great programs for working with students virtually. We have sourced the best applications for working with students online. We have programs that allow for us to video chat, screen share and work on the same whiteboard. These applications are great for everything from math, all the way down to learning how to read.

Tutoring is being offered Monday to Sunday at all times. We are using

  • ZOOM
  • Google Meet
  • TheLessonSpace

Subjects Offered for Online Tutoring

We are offering one-on-one online tutoring for all subjects and for all grades. We specialize in math and science, but we tutor every subject offered at school.  All of our programs are customized to your needs. We have access to all of the curriculum for each province. All tutors at Reingold Tutoring are highly skilled and passionate about the subjects they teach.

In addition to supporting students with their math and science (cumulative subjects), we also offer tutoring for most subjects from grade one through to university. Including Math, general science, physics, chemistry, biology, English, French, business classes, geography, and history. We are also offering tutoring/lessons for writing essays, writing skills, organizational skills and study prep. We will offer the opportunity for students to do small projects as well such as short writing assignments, book reports, and math challenges.

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