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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support to students that will give them the confidence to be academically successful. Our plan is to ensure students enjoy every lesson and that they receive tutoring that teaches them how to learn independently. We want every student to love their experience at Reingold Tutoring.

Lessons are all one-on-one, either virtually or in the home of the student when possible or desired.


Founder's Message

Reingold Tutoring was officially founded in 2003 when I was a semester away from completing my accounting degree at university and I was struggling to figure out how I was going to cover all of my students and continue with my education. I actually started tutoring casually when I was in grade 6 at school. But really when I was in high school. Soon as I was in grade 11 I tutored everything to students in lower grades. This included math, science, biology, chemistry, physics, English, history, geography and even French. I continued this until I graduated high school and through my university education.  I also taught piano for 10 years from age 16.  I was very fortunate to have a large roster of students the entire time. So when it was finishing up at university I decided to start a tutoring business. I made the decision on a Monday that I was going to start a tutoring business and I employed five tutors by Friday. The business grew from there.

I had always thought I wanted to be a doctor, but in reality I was doing what I loved all the way through school. I absolutely love tutoring! I completed an honours degree in science, majoring in Kinesiology. Then I did part of a paramedicine program. After that I did an accounting degree just for fun. I really liked being in school. Now I have the privilege of working with students every day and helping them with everything that comes with their education. This includes class content but so much more. At Reingold Tutoring we help the entire student. We support students with school curriculum but also support them in life. We are there for our students when they need us most. We spend most of our lesson time learning but we also discuss their friends, their family and their future. We talk about goals, struggles, growth and planning. The plan is that all students leave their lessons with improved knowledge, but also greater confidence and a new thirst for learning.

Parents at Reingold Tutoring know that they can lean on me. I’m here. Reingold Tutoring stands apart from other tutoring businesses because I am here to ensure they are covered.

– Stephanie Reingold

Important Points About Us

who we are

Personalized one-on-one lessons

Experienced tutors who relate well to students

Instruction for students in grades 1 through University

Affordable and competitive prices

Flexible hours; lessons are when you want them, any time, weekdays and weekends

Extra help is always available in addition to regular lessons in times of need Subject specific

Subject specific help in:

Math and Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Writing, English, French, Learning Strategies, Organization, Psychology, Social Sciences, Political Science, Business Courses, etc.

Help with organization, note making and taking, studying, and test preparation

Improved grades, confidence, and self-esteem

Summer lessons for students looking to get ahead in the upcoming school year

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