Your Child’s Success is our Goal

Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

Thank you for considering Reingold Tutoring. We offer assistance to students of all ages from grade 1 through 12 and University.

Reingold Program Features:

  • The tutors at Reingold Tutoring are either in university or have already completed their university education. They tutor in the areas in which they excel, in which they have studied and are passionate about.
  • The tutors at Reingold Tutoring work with your child to help them understand the material they are covering in their class at school. They will arm them with the knowledge and skills they need, to complete their homework and tests with confidence.
  • The lessons are one-on-one (unless otherwise requested) and customized to your child’s needs and abilities.
  • We set up regular lessons every week for your child, and also offer extra lessons if needed around test and exam time. The majority of students have one to three weekly lessons. 
  • At Reingold Tutoring we realize that life can be very busy, so we try to book the lessons on the dates and times that you choose. Schedules will be as flexible as you need them to be
  • We tutor students of all abilities. Those who are struggling academically, those who require support only sometimes (either when learning a tough subject or when the teacher isn’t managing to get the content across to the student) and those who are looking for enrichment. 
  • We follow up with the tutor and student regularly to ensure that the tutoring sessions are going well. Reingold Tutoring will inform you if your son/daughter is struggling and/or if they require any extra help. We will also notify you if your child is falling behind and not staying on top of their work.

Meet Our Amazing Tutors

Reingold Tutoring is made up of many talented individuals who we are proud to call part of our team! They strive for greatness in every situation while having fun and expanding their experience.

We would be happy to speak with you to discuss any questions you may have about our program.