COVID School: Learning PODs, Home Schooling, Small Group Tutoring

What is POD Learning?

Parents of kids have become desperate or are searching for an alternative for their kids to going back to school during the active COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to this increasing demand for an alternative, we are flexible and ready to implement POD learning. Many people around the world are calling this new learning system “pandemic pods” or “home schooling pods”. 

Ultimately POD learning allows small groups of students to learn together in one home with a parent, hired teacher or tutor. 

They ensure that the kids are safe, following health regulations, signed into their learning portals, helping with any questions that may arise, and set a schooling system. 

FAQ: Pod Learning, Microschool, Homeschooling

Most frequent questions and answers

Typically a learning pod consists of 3 to 10 children, but we can provide anything from private one-on-one home schooling (or tutoring) to a full POD. Ideally pods are kept smaller than 5 children. We are flexible and ready to create personalized schooling for your child.

Each curriculum is custom made for you and your childs (child’s) needs. This will ultimately depend on the hours required, how many children, their ages, if you are using a school or home curriculum, etc. 

Contact us to discuss a plan for you!

This is completely up to you and your comfortablity level. We require our tutors to wear a mask within any home that they are tutoring in. 

No! You’re not required to be present during any homeschooling, microschooling, pod learning, small group tutoring, etc.

Benefis of Pod Learning / Microschooling

  • Attention: Small groups allow for more personal attention for learning and questions
  • Comfort: Being in the comfort of your own home or a home of someone you know can encourage the child to open up.
  • Parents choice of pace: You can choose how fast your child is learning and going through their program. Flexibility is a huge benefit for both the child and the parent. 
  • Better test results: This truly depends on the individual child but a study was done that revealed that homeschoolers scored an average of 67 points higher than the national average.
  • Not socially isolated but not overwhelmed: With POD learning the parents find “like” families to do POD learning with. This means the kids will know the other kids and most likely be friends with them!
  • Learn Independence: kids that learn within small groups typically don’t feel the need to follow the crowd allowing them to be themselves.